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A Stay at The RuMa Hotel

By Rasyue | On December 12, 2021

Honestly, we have heard a lot of good things about The RuMa that we have decided to go to the hotel and experience it our self.

One of the great things that we heard about the The RuMA is their policy on Check-In and Check-Out. They offered 24 hours Check-In and Check-Out. Another great thing is their 5-star rated hospitality.

Because of that, for our 3rd anniversary, we have decided to a book a stay at The RuMa Hotel through

Arriving at the The RuMa Hotel

When we reached the hotel lobby, we were greeted by their very friendly staff while they escorted us to the hotel lounge.

Checking in to the hotel was really easy and quick. We didn’t even have to queue in line.

Everything was done while we are sitting back comfortably on their sofa. One of their staff will come to you while you are on the sofa. Fill in a few details, click, click, tap, tap and done!

Ohh and did we mentioned that they served us with complimentary sour plum drinks during the check-in which is just right to set the mood for our stay? Plus point!

Here’s how their lounge looks like.


Look at how spacious that sofa is!

Once the check-in done, it’s time to check out their room!

The RuMa Hotel Room

We get into the elevator, press our floor and then we wait. The elevator is not that big but its pretty clean.

A clean elevator in a hotel is always a plus point!

The elevator open and we quickly walk towards our room all excited. Oh and before that, the reason why we were so excited was because The RuMa Hotel Management upgraded our room to their luxurious Deluxe Suite.

We opened the door and we kid you not, the room is just ultra-fine, clean and really CAPACIOUS!!

And when we say CAPACIOUS, the room that we got can fit 5 – 6 people with ease. Also did we mentioned that the hotel allows you to bring guests into your room?

The room provides you with a Dolce Gusto coffee machine which really forced me to give them another point.

There are sections to the room, the bedroom section, living room section, office/reading section and lastly the bathroom.

Out of all the section, we like the bathroom the most. Their bathroom was really to our liking.

However, the bed is stiff, the bed linen is rough, bad pillows and the bed frame is short which is not great to us since we have back problems.

Here are a few pictures of the room that we stayed in.

the ruma hotel living room section
The living room section
the living room section
the ruma hotel bathroom
The sink of the bathroom section
the ruma hotel
The bathtub with a view
the rume office/reading section
The office/reading section
the room
The view from the room

OK, enough with the room!

The RuMa Hotel Facilities

At The RuMa Hotel, here are the facilities that are provided:

  1. Barber at The RuMa by Truefitt & Hill
  2. Gym
  3. UR Spa
  4. ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery
  5. SEVEN Lobby Bar and Lounge
  6. SANTAI Pool Bar and Lounge
  7. Pool

Unfortunately, we were only able to enjoy their pool since we had a very tight schedule.

We went to the pool for a quick swim later in the afternoon.

The view is actually not that bad. Plus the Pool Bar was opened but we didn’t had the opportunity to try anything from the pool.

The pool lounge was pretty awesome, I’ll give you that.

View from the pool

Final Say…

Overall, our experience staying at The RuMa Hotel was pretty awesome.

Although the breakfast buffet next day was not that great (the breakfast buffet dining is only open on weekends), we actually really enjoyed our stay at The RuMa.

All in all, we would really recommend everyone to come to The RuMA Hotel and experience their luxurious hospitality at least once.

If you do decide to stay at the The RuMa, don’t forget to enjoy their Pain au chocolat.

Personally, I would come to The RuMA again. Adios!