Birthday Getaway – Syusyi’s 27th Birthday

By syusyi | On August 19, 2020

Happy birthday to Syusyi! I turned 27th two weeks ago and had the most wonderful birthday getaway with my hubs. Its been a wonderful and challenging 27 years. Alhamdulillah all praise to Allah for this life. I couldn’t asked for more. Fyi, I love celebrating birthday ever since I was young. I appreciate other people’s birthday and I love people celebrating mine as well. Hence, I will always remember every person that wished me! lol. Also, August marks the 9th year since Mama passed away. I missed her. I miss my mama. Miss her a lot. I thank Allah for giving me such precious mama even just for a while.

Birthday Again?

Ok.. Usually Rash will get nervous when August is approaching every year. However, these days, we learnt that communication is very crucial in relationship, so we talked and discussed. Thus, I said to Rash that i don’t want any surprises, flowers or cakes this year. I just want to travel. I don’t mind going anywhere, just take me there. Then, he asked me to plan everything. At first I was contemplating whether to go to Janda Baik, Port Dickson, Johor, Kelantan or Terengganu. I really really wanted to go to the beach. I miss the wave sound, the beach vibes. So, I presented my suggestions to Rash and he chose PD. Knowing him who hates travelling, I know he will choose the nearest one *roll eyes*. As I said earlier, I really dont mind going anywhere as long as I get to travel. So, PD we go!

Rash, if you are reading this, can we go to Pulau next year on my birthday? I know you will bring me there kan? Thanks baby ๐Ÿ˜›

All the preparation was done by me (as usual). I booked our hotel (Lexis PD) through Traveloka. I love love using Traveloka as the price shown is the actual amount that we need to pay and I found the website and app is very convenient to use. . Hotel done, what else?

I have this one habit…. which I don’t know.. some people would think this is kinda weird. For every important occasion, I will buy new blouse/dress be it cheap or expensive one. Its like a compulsory for me to wear new baju during that day. I am a sentimental person indeed. Don’t judge me okayy! Back then, I used to buy new clothes for both me and Rash during our monthiversary celebration as well….. uh cant forget the amount of critiques I received from my friends :/

As I said earlier, I love celebrating birthdays. Since we are going to the beach, we might as well as have picnic by the beach. So, me being me, I rented out picnic set from / IG. I actually have most of picnic stuff in my house but too bad I dont have the mat. Honestly, its quite membazir la to rent out and just use it for few hours. But this IG shop offers picnic set rental at only MYR 50.00. You may use it up to two days (not really sure abt this) I would recommend this if you are planning to have celebration with your families/friends as its totally affordable.

Ever since MCO, I spent my time watching those cake styling / making on some korean vloggers at youtube. I tried making one but failed…. So, i decided to just buy it. For the first time ever, I bought myself a cake for my birthday! I bought the cake at MYR 15.00 only. It was a small petite cake from @thebakersclub.kl. It was viral on twitter so I think I should give it a try.

Birthday Cake by thebakersclub.kl, sandwich by yours truly <3

Port Dickson

We went to PD on Thursday, luckily there wasnt many people during weekdays time. We found a private spot near to the beach and just enjoying the sea breeze for like 30-40 mins. Later on, we went sightseeing to PD waterfront and didnt stay longer due to the hot weather sobs. Upon arrival at Lexis PD, we were informed that the Lexis PD is actually closed and all registration must be made at Grand Lexis. The waiting time for checked in took longer time about 30 mins. Quite a number of people were on holiday too that time . Luckily, our room were upgraded from Premium Tower Room Lexis to Deluxe suit Garden Room with in-room private pool. Alhamdulillah rezeki. We assume that the upgrade was probably due to covid and since all activities are discarded during our stay, they offered everyone a better room for stay.

Room was great but love it if the view is the sea view…. (Dah la free upgrade banyak complain kan). The hotel breakfast was so-so.

We didn’t do much, just relax, walk by the beach, taking pictures and chill. Not much to do since I have a very paranoid husband who hate to mingle around during this covid times. We had dinner at Embok Village Steamboat & Seafood. Food was so-so. Then, we headed to Melaka the next day and actually planned to go to JB on Saturday, sadly Rash got sick while we were at Melaka. Its okay, next time then JB. PD & Melaka Food review will be shared soon on a separate blog post, not much, but perhaps could help you guys yang pening nak cari makan nanti. ๐Ÿ˜€

Overall, I had a blessed birthday. Alhamdulillah. I am indeed very grateful for what I have in my life now. A supporting and loving husband, cheerful family and valuable close friends. I learn to let go, to be stronger than before and to appreciate myself better. #AugustbabiesRock

Love you baby. Thanks for everything <3