Butter n Chics is back!

By syusyi | On September 29, 2020

Butter n Chics

Im pretty sure who know me & Rash must know that we both once had our business together. It all begins in 2017 where me & Rash were just finished our degree and came across the idea of establishing our business together. At that time, I landed my first formal job at PLUS Malaysia Berhad and after a while, I felt quite tired travelling everyday from Gombak To Subang. So, I decided to resign and planned our business together. Meanwhile, Rash didn’t manage to secure any job at that time and hence, Butter n Chics is finally formed on Jan 2017! It was like having our first “baby” together.

All Time Fav Butter Chicken ; Butter n Chics !

Butter Chicken / Butter n Chics

The name initially comes from Butter Chicken. So me, Rash and Anis were discussing on how we can make it sound trendy and cool. Anyway, Anis is forever our third wheeler and forever our problem solver. Hihi. Okay, so after few suggestions then we finally decided Butter n Chics sound more trendy. Oh, I still keep those whatsapp conversation :’) Anyways, back to the story, our business ended up 6 months after operation cause we were young and wanna pursue our career back at that time. Rash secured his first job at KPJ at that time and I was in BTSMC. So, we had to stop for awhile.

Oh by the way, I actually learnt this butter chicken recipe from my childhood neighbour, Mimi. She was the first person who introduces me to Butter Chicken and I fell in love ever since. Mimi’s butter chicken was the best and thank you so much for letting me use this recipe for my business! Thank you Mi <3

Now that I have resigned and my husband couldn’t stand watching me doing nothing everyday so he insisted that I should do something beneficial at home. So, I was thinking to continue operating this small business of ours on July and started gathering some ideas little by little at that time. Little did I know that I will continue pursuing this business and grow passion in cooking and baking. Nevertheless, lets hope that this time it will last even longer cause I dont actually have any plan to start working back at the office (eww the toxicity almost got me killed). Probably will learn other e-commerce business platform as well. In sha Allah ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully one day I could open a Butter n Chic’s cafe in KL. Doakan Rasyue okay! <3

Butternchics is Back!

Butter n Chics is finally back for almost a month now. We are back with new addition to the family which is the most delicious Shepherd’s Pie, the creamy Basque Burnt Cheese Cake and the cutest ever Choux Au Craqueline (Japanese Cream Puff). Alhamdulillah Sept was amazinggg! :’) We managed to sell 20 Basque Burnt Cheese cake, 121pcs puffs, 28 boxes of butter chickens, 3 pies and 2 choc cakes! Alhamdulillah. Thank youu so much for those who supported me since the beginning. Much thankful for each one of you.

Basque Burnt Cheese Cake
Choux Au Craqueline
Super Filling Shepherd’s Pie

Each of our menu is very special as we had done our studies and R&D before proceeding to sell it. We promise to deliver delicious, safe and clean meal to your doorstep! And to improve every time by seriously taking feedbacks and comments from our customer’s into consideration. Besides, customer’s satisfaction is our top priority!

Lastly, I am much thankful for this opportunity to do business and having wonderful people around me to support me. Thank youuu <3 More menu and promos will be launched soon! Stay Tune ๐Ÿ™‚

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