Choco Chips Cookies Recipe by Butternchics

By syusyi | On January 4, 2023

Hello, i received lots and lots of request for this cookies recipe and finally got a time to write it. I have modified the recipe a bit from the original recipe hence technically its my recipe 😛

Everyone loves my cookies especially my babah. He can finish a tub all alone and often time he will hide the cookies from the other fam members. Oh I miss babah 🙁

choco chips cookies
Cookies or syookies?

Cookies Ingredients

  1. 150g Unsalted Butter (my fav brand is Lurpak)
  2. 175g Light Brown Sugar (I used to combine the dark and light brown sugar 30:70)
  3. 80g White Sugar
  4. 1tsp or more Vanilla Extract
  5. 10g malted milk powder (I love to put more (15g) since I love the milky taste)
  6. 3/4 tsp salt
  7. Egg (Med-Large size)
  8. 270g all purpose flour
  9. 1/2 TBSP Baking soda (Yes Tablespoon, this is the part where Ive modified it)
  10. 1 1/2 TBSP Baking powder
  11. 180g Dark Chop Chips (I used to mix both milk and dark Callebaut Choc Chip)


Combine Ingredients of 1-6 in a mixing bowl and beat in medium for 4 mins till it turns fluffy and whitish.
After 4 mins, put one egg into the mixing bowl. Beat on medium speed for another 5 mins until light & fluffy. Next, add half of the flour mixture (ingredient 8-10) into the bowl and slowly mix the flour with batter (Slow speed 1-2). Next, put lots of choc chips and rest of flour, mix them together until well combined. Lastly, I would keep my dough in a fridge for at least 8 hours, but if you’re impatient 4 hours is enough for the batter to be quite incorporated. Bake in preheated oven at 160 degree for 12-15 minutes till it turn golden brown.

Overall, it would take less than 30 mins to prepare the dough and all but when it comes to bulat bulat the cookies, it takes forever! :/
Please try and share it with me! <3