Getting pregnant after 3 years – Rasyue Jr is coming!

By syusyi | On December 14, 2021

11th Aug 2021

Just celebrated my 28th Birthday a week ago and just passed my due date for my period. As always, I don’t really care when my period will be coming and such, cause I don’t normally be getting a regular period due to my PCOS. Pregnant? Least thing on my mind that day but, little that I knew that day was the beginning of a new life. A beginning to a beautiful journey. Oh and it was the most beautiful birthday in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was bleeding in the evening.

“Oh, so my period is coming.. ” I thought to myself. Turns out, the bleeding lasted for few hours only. Okay, that’s weird. A week after, that bleeding came again and again, I thought that I should be getting a period by now. Then again, it lasted for few hours only and I started to feel different this time. My body feels kinda weird later that night and I decided to take a pregnancy test the next day. Rash suggest to take a test during morning time cause the HCG level is high in the morning.

Positive Pregnancy Test

First thing in the morning the next day, I took a pregnancy test. The first pregnancy test shows a blurred positive line. I was feeling hopeful even its blurred. Then, I showed it to Rash and he says its invalid because of the blurred line. I texted Deebz (My matric’s roommate cause I didnt know who to reach out) and told her about this. She asked me to get tested again and I was so scared! So, Rash went out that noon to the nearby pharmacy and bought me two more pregnancy tests. Took the second test on evening and it came out positive again! I was shocked…. and run towards to my husband.. I screamed excitedly and hugged him right away. Then we both went to the toilet to see the positive UPT..

We both were shocked and disbelief. Didnt cry tho..

Then, I took last pregnancy test at night and it came positive again. But we are still disbelief so I decided to call my gynae Dr at Pusrawi and booked an appointment on Thursday (19/8/21). I had never been positive this entire marriage and even when the test came out positive, I still don’t believe that I am able to get pregnant. Lol

19 August 2021

I have never been excited and nervous to go to the hospital but that day, I have a mixed feelings. What if Im pregnant? What if Im NOT pregnant.. Rash accompanied me for the first time upstairs. The appointment was at 10.30 but the waiting time was longer that day… So many people were at the hospital.

Around 11.30am, the nurse called out my name and I met the Dr and tell her the whole story. I first met Dr Habibah In July due to some other reason and she was surprised when I said my UPT was positive. She hurriedly asked me to lay on the bed and prepared for the ultrasound thingy. Then, she began to move the probe around my stomach and found the foetus. She was so happy and keep saying “Mashallah you’re pregnant”, “Who says you cant get pregnant?” because I was telling her that I didn’t believe the pregnancy tests that I took hehe. Alhamdulillah.

I teared up a bit when I first saw something strange in my belly. The baby was 5 weeks during our first meet. Soon after, the Dr diagnose my case as a “threatened miscarriage” due to the abnormal bleedings. It was a rare cases to have bleedings that much during the first trimester the Dr said. She then asked me to get a a good rest and not to do any hard works. The cause of bleedings is inconclusive. Dr may restrict you from doing sex, hard works and all but there’s no concrete evidence to justify the bleedings happening during first trimester. Dr provide me with Duphaston and folic acid.

Right after I stepped out from the Dr’s room, I excitedly shared the first picture of our foetus to my husband and tell him everything. We were soooo happy, literally the happiest day of our lives. We started planning everything for the baby, most excited about the shopping part ๐Ÿ˜› We literally waited 3 years for this baby and it happens unexpectedly.. imagine the joy we felt..

First Picture of Rayf <3

I remembered telling my family and closed friends about the news.. they were crying happily :'(

Also, I did some readings and “research” about my pregnancy. I might pregnant due to the metformin pills I took since January cause its quite impossible to get pregnant when you have PCOS. I have PCOS which related with insulin resistance and the Dr at Pantai & Pusrawi prescribed the Metformin for me. My body adapts well with metformin. I don’t have any side effects with Metformin like some people. I lose weight and eat a balanced diet before i get pregnant. So, that might help me a lil bit. I found out that there are few other people who got pregnant with the aid of metformin as well. This might applicable for some people not for all PCOSer. Some consume Clomid and gets pregnant and some didn’t. You should first check with your gynae before consuming any fertility medicine/supplements.

I stopped going to Pusrawi after i found out that I was pregnant and continued my check up at the Klinik Siti cause I wanna skip the long queue at Pusrawi & KK plus with recent spikes of covid cases. But honestly, I would suggest everyone to go to KK if you’re pregnant. If you’re a high risk preggie mom, you should either go to KK or any specialist.. not the normal clinic one. Will tell you more on my next post.

10th September 2021 – 2 months Pregnant

It was my brother’s Nikah day. Had so much fun receiving new family members into the family that day. I was 2 months + pregnant that time. Took our first family picture with “baby” inside me. I started to be getting the pregnancy symptoms. I had the worst heartburns, constipation and feels like sleeping the whole day. Luckily, no nausea and terrible morning sickness. I was craving for malaysian food i.e. Kuih Karipap, Kuih Koci, ABC and all others Malaysian food during the early trimester. My baby surely got his dad genes.

Still had my bleedings but not as much as before. There was this one time where I had a pool of blood coming out and we rushed hurriedly to the clinic to check up on the baby, Alhamdulillah the baby was strong like mummy. My baby was very active and healthy. Plus, we first saw the baby jumped around happily in mommy’s stomach since 9 weeks. The feeling is surreal and indescribable knowing that there’s tiny human growing inside your belly.

We started thinking about naming the baby after listening to some ceramah saying that you should give your baby a name as early as 2 months. Name it with a boy’s name if you still haven’t figured out the gender. There is it our baby’s name – Muhammad Rayf. I wanna put Raeef first but Rash and Anis didn’t agree. Anis pun ada sekali eh biila nak bg nama…. So, we both agree with Rayf which means Kind, Compassionate & Tenderhearted. If the baby was a girl, we would name her – Mariam Raissa. Rash got his initial for the kids. -___-

Thin Uterine Lining

12 Weeks and its time to register the “Buku Pink”. My buku pink is full with Dr’s report on me cause I got checked up almost every weeks due to my conditions. During the 12 weeks scan, the Dr found out that my uterus lining is thinning and my placenta is a bit below than it should be. Not really sure what’s happening but again I was given the Duphaston and asked to be bed rested. :/ Again, this was a red flag that we didn’t notice, should’ve went to the specialist instead normal clinic at that time.

Also, had my first OGTT and it wasn’t as bad as I thought? Some people said they threw up and had migraine after taking it but it was okay for me.. I had my first air gula at Klinik Siti and I got the orange flavour one. Quite sedap and bearable ๐Ÿ˜› Post effect of that a mild headache and sleepiness. That’s all.

I spent most of my times sleeping with the baby inside me. Didn’t expect the worst has yet to come cause I’ve been resting quite a lot during my pregnancy.

16(15) Weeks Appointment

We usually have our weekly ultrasound thingy for the baby cause we were both over-concerned new parent-to-be. Plus, my condition itself is not normal, so we took extra cautions by regularly checking up on the baby, which we thought it was a right thing to do but it isn’t. Next check up was supposedly during my 16 weeks appointment but I forgot what is the actual reason we went to the clinic that day. Probably because I had bleedings again that week. And again, the Dr asked me to take Duphaston, Duphaston & Duphaston. blergh.

It was Sunday (31st October), we went to the clinic early in the morning around 10 am. Had check-up, the baby was fine and sleeping soundly when suddenly his daddy asked the Dr “Issit still too early to find out the gender of baby?” Tadaaa there you go, something appears on the screen indicating that our baby is a boy. We found out that the baby is a boy exactly during the 15 weeks. Alhamdulillah he grows very well inside mommy’s tummy.

Will continue more on next post. The most traumatic incident happened during the 16 Weeks.