HfPC Reunion – Picnic Day with HfPC | Erni & Tina Foodhunting #2

By syusyi | On August 24, 2020


In this special post, I am going to introduce you to my besties that i’ve known over the years. 13 freaking years to be exact. HfPC? what the hell is that. Back then in 2007, we formed a group named HfPC which stands for Happy Family Princess Chaa. Happy Family means all of us as one big happy family. We ranked our post by Kak Long, Kak Ngah, Kak Chik & Dek Chu kinda name. Whoever gets married to each one of us will automatically turns Abang Long, Abang Ngah & so on. Hihi.

Meanwhile, Princess suits with the princessy vibes from all of us? err no perhaps only Iela alone. However, we address each of us as Princess ___ followed by our favourite colour and we also have each one signature love symbol. Lastly, Chaa, oh sorry but I cant disclose where & how we got Chaa’s name cause its kinda private and sensitive. HAHAHA. After random decision, HfPC is formed. Childish right? No, I think its very common for girls to have their own band name during high school. Come on guys.


Other than us, there were a few other groups be it girls or boys during our batch. Serene, Wanpaku, Geng PK and many other groups I couldnt recall. Some of them are still with their respective groups till date. We are so loyal to each other perhaps cause we went to SMK Gombak SETIA kot? Lol. Ahhh such good memories. If you ask me which phase I love the most in my life, I obviously will choose high school phase. The phase where I met my soulmate, my best friend for life and the phase where I had the most enjoyable moment in my life.

We basically have been for each other since forever. Every birthday, every achievement, every sad (break dgn boyfriend moment) and happy moment, we are always there for each other. Of course there were dull, sad, intense moments. Tell me which relationship/friendship that doesn’t encounter any challenges and problems? Nonetheless, we manage to stay together till now. There were like three or four big fights between us all in which resulted in temporary separation from one another but Alhamdulillah jodoh still panjang with each other.

After few months not seeing each other, we planned to have a staycation at Genting during the Awal Muharram holiday but somehow it turned to Picnic day pulak. We are very bad at planning things. We can either go out instantly (last min plan) or not going out at all for weeks/months. Anyway, Selamat Awal Muharram everyone, lets keep striving to be better person everyday.

HfPC Picnic Day

So, I made some Shepherd’s Pie. Its everyone’s fav these days. Iela brought her ultimate chicken black pepper sandwich and Ain made donuts! While Anis initially wanted to buy pizza. Luckily the Pizza store wasnt opened yet at the time we arrived cause few mins after we dig in the home-cooked food we are all bloated and full. We spent time, chit-chatting, laugh like crazy, took stupid pictures and videos. Just like old times :’)

Back then when we were in form 2 and 3, they used to come to my house every morning before school starts. My house was like a secret cult centre where my friends gathered there and did stupid things together. No HARAM things okay, we are just some innocent kids till now 😛 Sometimes, they will bring over some foods and we were just lepak-ing before headed to school. Iela used to bring delicious foods cooked by Mama or herself. I still remember the kuah kacang, sandwich ayam and nasi goreng *&%$# Iela. Sometimes, we held stupid party where we dance and sing out loud listening to our fav songs on 8tv. If we didnt lepak at my house then we will go to nearby kedai makcik Laksa. Ah good memories. *Tears up*

All grown up now. We are 27 this year.. but still perangai masing masing x nak kalah ye. Young at heart ye masing2. Hope that we will stay like this forever until dah tua kerepot. All those birthday celebs, wedding, anniversary, achievements, open houses tradition should be preserved. Love you girls so much. <3

All in LuxSoie’s Face Mask

Erni & Tina

The weather is getting hot and we decided to go somewhere cold. Iela anis proposed that we all should go to Genting but we would spend most of our lepak times in the car cause it took literally one hour from Putrajaya – Genting. Therefore, we decided to go cafe hunting instead and luckily, the other day I was scrolling through IG story of some influencers and came across this beautiful cafe at Maxim Cheras. Its called Erni & Tina. You can check out their IG at https://www.instagram.com/erniandtina/?hl=en

Variety of cute and scrumptious cakes

We tried their best seller Belgian Chocolate and Japanese cram puff. The Belgian Chocolate Cake was literally one of the best choc cake ever. Please please try it if you are planning to go there! You wont regret it.

Cream Puff – 3 for MYR 11
Spicy Miso Ramen

This spicy Miso Ramen is also one of the recommended dish. My friends kinda enjoy it but Im not a fan of soupy dishes, but this tastes okay anyway. Rash probably would like this cause hes such japanese freaks.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken with Japanese Rice <3

Overall, this place has a very nice ambience and good foods to offer. Really really love their cake and Butter Chicken. The prices are affordable too.

Thats all for today, been feeling sick since I woke up therefore I am so lazy to check and correct my grammar. Till then, toodles!