Housewife Diary #1

By syusyi | On August 12, 2020

Helloooo! As some of you may have know about this, I recently resigned from my job due to several reasons and currently staying at home livin my life. Ahh i couldn’t be more happier than this – but waitttt, I am that workaholic type, so staying at home doing nothing is actually not really my style. Hence, I guess I need to be more discipline and productive stay-at-home wifeee. Yup, Im still trying to adapting myself to this whole housewife thingy. Fuhh anyway I was feeling very hectic for the past two weeks. The first two weeks at home was incredible. I felt super energetic and still manage to do my daily tasks very well. The next following weeks were terrible. I think I was experiencing burnt-out and I had the worst PMS ever this time. Guess my body is still adapting to being a full time housewife.

I recently quit my job due to several reasons mainly to take care of my mental health. To start taking care of my health (for real). I resigned not because I didn’t love my job instead I love coming to the office everyday. Over time, I started to get stress due to the stressful environment. I got tired and restless everyday due to high number of workloads. This thing affects my mental health, my hormone level. I have PCOS so being stressful everyday is not really good for my health. I know its not really good to resign at this current situation, with the economic and pandemic issues all at once. Nevertheless, I truly believe that Allah has something else for me. I believe in that. After all, nothing is more important than yourself.

Things housewife can do at home

I have become a housewife for a month now and I can conclude that working in the office is way less tiring than a full time housewife. Fuhhh. I even sleep earlier these days than I was during working before! Damnn, I SALUTE TO ALL FULL TIME HOUSEWIFE OUT THERE, some are even taking care of the kids, doing side business, doing chores fuhh the amount of respect. #SuperWoman

Anyway, I figure out few things I literally can do at home, especially when I have no babies yet. Some of it are:-

  • Chores
    Come, on. This is very basic. Honestly, I am not that type of person yang rajin nak kemas at all times. Nope, I don’t enjoy doing chores. So, usually I will do a full chores twice a week. Depending on my mood, and when I’m in the mood to do it, the house will be sparkling clean but that rarely happens hehehehe. I love ironing clothes instead of folding it so last June, I bought this Philips steam iron as Ive heard good reviews about it, I found it very helpful to me now. Good investment indeed!
    Anyway, I hate sweeping and mopping the floor part, hence, I will leave it to my husband. (Co-operation is the key!)
  • Learn new Cooking/Baking dishes
    I never knew that I have this love for cooking and baking. I was never this type of girl who would help her parents out in the kitchen and such during my teenage years. Luckily, the table has turn now, I guess I am a better cook than my dad right now (cehh berlagak). Anyway, these past few weeks, I manage to experiment few extravagant menus which I never thought of doing so before. Luckily, everything turns out great. I splurge and invest on new tools and apparatus such as new oven and other few baking stuff. It was a good purchase and I love it. Everything turns out great.
  • Proper Diet Meal
    Opps this one I have to pass. I gained few Kgs……. Yes, I am planning to eat properly and have good diet menus. But yeah… things happen. I am still in that “craving” phase. I am still in the mood to try out making new dishes at home. To be honest I MUST lose weight before my next check up with Dr. HELPPP. Perhaps I will try to be on diet soon and share it with you guys?
  • Blogging/Vlogging
    We all do have this thing called “Social Media”. Be it Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and more apps on our phone and surely we use it to tell stories and sharing things. Beside that, one of the well known platform is through Blogging or Vlogging. Blogging used to be so famous during early 2000 and now Vlogging has taken over it’s popularity. I still remembered I love to blog so much during my high school days. It was during that “sharing” phase- fuhh how fast time flies. These days, tbh, I am actually quite scared to share stories. I just don’t know. Cant really trust people these days or maybe ageing factor?
    By the way, in writings, writes nicely, be positive and always keep in mind that there are going to be consequences for every action done. Therefore, speaks nicely and acts accordingly.
  • Gardening
    You can do gardening at home and starts with easy-to-grow plants. Its very fun, except when your plants started to act up and die in the end (horror). You can consider to start with indoor plants first. Don’t forget to do more research on plant selection and care tips.To make it more enjoyable, you can do it with your husband and kids <3
  • Business
    If you want to earn some pocket money or probably aiming higher than that, you can try doing business. You can start small, at home for example. These days, there are many mediums of business you can hop in. Anyway, I will start my food and plant business probably end of August. Your endless support is highly appreciated 😀
  • Reading
    You can spend more time on reading if you love to. I used to read a lot before. Now, I’d rather spend my times on kdrama/netflix series. Lol
  • Playing Games
    Uh, I am so gonna get bashed because of this. Yes, I love playing games and would literally lose track of time playing games. Bear in mind that you can play games and multitasking on other things as well. Its found that adult who loves playing games tend to enjoy life and be happier than adults who don’t. #Sorrynotsorry
  • Ultimate self care
    This is for all those sophisticated women out there. If you are this type of woman, you might enjoy pampering yourself while staying at home. You can focus more on taking care of your skin and hair. Honestly, after a month of staying home, I noticed that my dandruff problem is getting better.
  • Exercise
    Yes, I know what you are thinking about. Yes, I don’t exercise and hate it. But these days I started to do Zumba and light workout. Need to keep myself healthy and fit. Slowly but surely. Anyway, would love to join Pilates but I don’t have friend to accompany sobs.
  • Join for religious class
    I have plan to join religious class at the nearest Masjid but not really sure whether religious activities are allowed now due to Covid-19. Need to brush up my Tajweed. Also, you guys can plan to join other religious activities as well.

My mind and body feel more relaxed these days. It feels like finally a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. I am away from all the negative vibes and just me and myself now. I would recommend new housewife like me to take time to get your body adapted to new changes. Things might get a lil bit boring and tiring but you can get through this. Find ways to keep yourself occupied. Be positive and most importantly, this is the time to spend more time with our creator. You might overthink and be down sometimes but believe that Allah surely has something for us.