How to Make your Own Terrariums

By syusyi | On August 11, 2020

Hello people! Let’s learn about how to make your own terrariums today. What is Terrarium?

For your information, me and Rash are so into plants these days. I get impressed easily by plants, wherever I go, my eyes will definitely catch something greenish. I have never realised that I have this kind of passion before, but now I just love seeing them.


How It Began…

So, it all began in Sept 2019 where i was thinking to buy / collect succulents at that time. Little that I know, growing succulents is very hard. They are very fragile, it cant be over-watered / less watered. I wouldn’t say that they are really manja, it might just be me who haven’t done any thorough research on how to take care of ’em. But still, there are some plants that are easy to take care of. So, my first succulent was this one and dying already. bought this at RM 30++ at UOA that time. I was so sad to see the leaves withered by time. Every time I watch them falling and like dying, my heart breaks too.

Next, I started to collect more plants at that time, I remember it was this succulent. After that, we went to Sg Buloh nursery for almost every week and spend dollars on our beloved plants. However, some of it couldn’t make it due to the heat stroke…… jk. It was probably our mistakes for not taking good care of em.


Till one day, we went to Sunway Velocity and that was the first time I came across a store which sells numerous jar filled with plants. I was soooo mesmerised going into that store. After 30 minutes there, we finally chose one jar with a plant we don’t know its name yet . Since we are new with the plants thingy, every time we went into any nurseries, we try to figure out what its name. LOL (Bear in mind, we only knew this plants name on January 2020) Its called “Black Beauty”. Ever since that, we started doing more research related to this terrarium thingy. 


So, ever since that day, we became so interested with Terrarium and we decided to try making one. This is actually a fun activity you can with your spouse or even with your kids.

And now we decided that it would be awesome to share it with you guys on how to make your own terrariums so you too can experience that feeling of calmness whenever you look at your terrariums babies.

Things you must have

  • Jar
  • Stones/Pebbles
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Sand (Optional)
  • Sphagnum Moss (Optional)
  • Soil / Peat moss soil
  • Slow-growth Plants / Any small plants
  • Live Moss
  • Miniatures for Deco


  1. First, you must have a jar. I personally would recommend you to make a closed-jar terrarium instead of an open-jar terrarium for beginner. Closed-jar terrarium is suitable for any types of terrarium plants, meanwhile open jar is mainly for succulents. I read some review saying that Open Terrarium is not really recommended as it requires intensive care and needs suitable plants selection.
  2. Second step, depending on the size of your jar, put in some pebbles to act as the base layer.
  3. Next step, put some Sphagnum Moss to make a thin layer above the pebbles. The moss acts as soil conditioner which helps to increase the soil capacity to hold the water and nutrients of the soil.
  4. After that, put in the activated charcoal. You gotta use the “Activated” charcoal as it’s different from the normal charcoal. From what we have researched, you may use the normal charcoal but it will be not as effective as the activated one.
  5. You can add in some sand but keep in mind that this is optional. We only have one jar that has a layer of sand. Seems like it does not make that much of a difference.
  6. If you skip No.5, you may proceed to add in the soil. Any types of soil is fine. We are currently using peat moss soil (highly recommended) instead of the normal soil. Previously, we used high quality premium soil, turns out it has small lice or insects I am not really sure but it eats all of the plant leaves inside the terrarium. 🙁
  7. Dig a couple of holes and start planting your plants.
  8. Decorate your jar. You may put sand/small pebbles on the top surface
  9. Last but not least, water your jar. When you water your jar, try to water it starting from the side so the water will slide down the sides of your jar.

Terrariums Suitable Plants:

  1. Plants that are suitable for closed jar terrariums :-
    – Fittonia / Nerve plant
    – Black Beauty
    – Asparagus fern
    – Button fern
    – Golden clubmoss
    – Peperomia
    – Baby Tears (Haven’t managed to get my hands on this baby yet)

Our Terrarium Babies

These are some of our baby terrariums.

Some tips you might wanna know

  1. The reason that we put in the activate charcoal is that the activate charcoal contains air pockets which helps to detoxify the toxin in your soil, water and air in your terrarium.
  2. You may choose to use the normal charcoal but it won’t be as effective. But if you choose to do so, let us know how it goes for you. Really interested to know what’s going to happen.
  3. You don’t have to water your terrarium regularly. The only time you have to water it, is during the time you make it and usually that’s the only time you have to water it.
  4. If by any chance, your terrarium dry out, open it up and water it. Avoid over-watering it. (Sign if your terrarium dry out = No presence of water at the bottom layer)
  5. Most terrarium plants do not need direct sunlight so don’t put them outside or in places where there’s direct sunlight.
  6. The best places to put your terrarium is close to your window, your dining table or just about any place where there is no direct sunlight.
  7. Put a jar of terrarium on your office’s table to lighten up your mood during bad days.

Hopefully, this post would be helpful for some of you who are interested in making your own terrariums. If anyone is interested in buying our terrariums, don’t be shy and do contact us.

In the next post, we will be talking about plants that are suitable to live indoors, how to take care of them and where to get ’em. Stay tuned people!