Journey with Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum & Kiehls Dark Spot Corrector

By syusyi | On July 2, 2020

Hi everyone,

So, my skin has been acting up since I got married. Guess that “hormonal” things kinda true after one got married. I used to have a skin with no issues but as I grow older, its really hard to really take care of it and requires high maintenance too to be pretty! Guess all this happens probably because I started concerning too much on that, best believe if I dint take care at all, things wouldn’t become like this sobs :'(. I’ve been trying so many products and I did find some products which were good for my skin, some lasted till few months before my skin started to acting up again. Safi, Hada Labo, Innisfree, Pixy, Body Shop, Lancome and you name it, I tried most of it. Hence, these days I learnt my lesson and try to stick for certain brand for the time being.

Oh, so….the other day when MCO started, so many brands were like having sales, like crazy huge sales! And guess whos the shopaholic here? of course me and my best friend, Anisa <3

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

Estee Lauder, Lancome were having crazy deals the other day which they were selling their serum for two bottles at one price! Obviously we wouldnt miss this chance to grab it 😛 (Plus, i never had any serums before, so I think its good thing that I bought it :P) Anis if youre reading this, you are to be blamed for introducing me such pricey skincare products! (Love you sis). Oh and we were contemplating at first which to buy… Anis loves her Lancome while my skin is not reacting very good with Lancome.. Hence, we decided to try EL and luckily we both loveeee it!

After few weeks with EL, i could see some changes towards my skin although the changes are not very obvious but I believe that EL serums is for a long-term commitment (Yes, this is an excuse for buying such expensive skincare product again). I wore my EL Serum twice a day, Early morning and night before I sleep. The texture was very good, I love the smell! It smells like orangy & it doesnt sting my skin. My skin feel so soft after quite some times but guess the dry skin wont healed easily.

Kiehls Dark Spot Corrector

At this moment too, I just started using the Kiehl’s Dark Spot corrector serum and I guess that gave effects too to my skin since Kiehl’s serum is quite strong and probably because my face still couldn’t adapt to both of it at the same time? Well, we will see the results in few months..

Overall, I loveee lovee my EL advance night repair serum and yes I would love to purchase it again. I shall get it at ONLY during the sales time otherwiseeeee it would be so pricey T__T

This is my skin after 3 weeks of EL and a week after using Kiehl’s. Will update it again soon after 3 months i and see how far it goes.

Shallow pigments on my right face-skin
Pigments on my left face skin

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty enthusiast, not a Skincare Guru. Just here sharing my journey with my serums.