My take on PCOS #PCOSJourney

By syusyi | On April 15, 2020

Hellooooo everyone. 

Its been awhile.. yea yea I know that I said that I will blog more but yea.. things happened! 😛

Okay.. Actually I wasn’t ready to share this in my blog but I feel like I have to create an awareness about this issue. The issue which most women will take very lightly on and the nearest example is me. So the story begins after I went to Phuket last April where I have this uncomfortable feeling with my body, especially my periods. My menstrual was messed up and it went irregular suddenly at that time. This thing dragged till July.

I haven’t gotten any period since July onward till September 2019, which at first.. I thought that I was pregnant but I have no clear signs of pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test few times during that time and all resulted with (-) signs. 

Hence, i started google-ing what might have happened to my body, turns out…. I came across this one article where it says “Negative pregnancy test with months of no period resulted in PCOS”. At that time I wasn’t sure on what PCOS is but I’ve gotten the signs that I might have PCOS since I have few of its characteristics. The following weeks, I became so worried and my emotions were like roller coaster and finally my husband and I decided to go for further check up. I went to get a full medical check up at Klinik Pakar Wanita Medina located at Melati Utama. (No one has warned me that the clinic is so fcking expensive, my bad also since I haven’t done any thorough research) I waited for nearly 4 hours to get to meet the Dr. That time I was so pissed off, my level of stress is very high and I said what I said. Right at 6.00 pm upon waiting from 2 pm, I got into the Dr’s room.

Upon meeting with the Dr, my heart cool down a bit since the Dr is so niceee. I forgot all the waiting hours I’ve waited before. Then, I started telling her what problems do I have. Then she did a pap smear test on me and later…. she did this thing called “trans-vaginal ultrasound” which I have never experienced before. Trust me, IT HURTS SO BAD. I was so surprised at that time when the Dr put the thing inside my vagina. Then on the screen, she showed me my Eggs/Ovum which gathered around my uterus wall. There are so many of them (Why though you guys have to gather there?) on my uterus wall. Then the doctor said that this is why I haven’t gotten any period. My testosterone is very high and that explains why my I haven’t gotten any period. So, testosterone is actually a hormone that usually found in male, female produce testosterone as well but not as high as male. Meanwhile, a woman with PCOS has high testosterone level than those who doesn’t have. 

While the Dr was showing me my gathered eggs/Ovum, I cant help to cry but been holding myself back at that time. Rash is also there with me together listening to what the Dr is explaining. So, she proceeds, she mentioned that my egg size is not normal, my biggest egg was at 7mm and normal female should have a diameter of 18-21mm of egg. So, yeah ive been diagnosed with PCOS. Alhamdulillah, upon further checking, I have no cysts / Cervical cancer (I think cyst and cancer frightened me the most rather than PCOS)

So, What is PCOS?

PCOS is generally means ;

“Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries may develop numerous small collections of fluid (follicles) and fail to regularly release eggs.” – Source from Google.

  • PCOS is a hereditary disease. Out of 10 women, 5 has PCOS. Plus, most women actually never knew that they have PCOS.
  • PCOS is incurable. (But I am gathering more research on this and will keep updating if theres any way to actually cure it)
  • PCOS doesnt only affect overweight woman, it can happen to anyone.

Causes of PCOS

The Dr I met clarify that there is still no scientific evidence that causes PCOS. She assumes that the increase volume of male hormone in female body might be the main cause of PCOS. Plus, weight, stress and hormones, also other few factors might be the causes as well.


  • Irregular periods / No period at all.
  • Hirsutism (this explains why I grow a moustache. LOL)
  • Difficulty getting pregnant
  • Weight gain (And hard to lose weight)
  • Hair thinning / hair loss
  • Oily skin/Acne /Breakouts

* The Dr also clarifies that married couple who’s trying to conceive at the beginning of their marriage and having no signs of pregnancy till 5th months of their marriage should meet the Dr and have a check up on their uterus. Even male is encouraged to do the sperm test. The Dr said that dont trust all the makciks2/friends who often said “Oh tak pregnant lagi, takpee tunggu dua tahun nanti cek la” DONT TRUST THEM, DO YOUR CHECK UP UPON 5TH MONTH OF TTC”. Luckily, I realised this way earlier other than dah sakit teruk baru nak sedar. *

The Dr then explains and guide me on what should I do to treat/cure PCOS but I will continue those later on (If rajin)

Later that night, after I found out that I was diagnosed with PCOS, i was feeling so down, I cried all night. I blame myself for not getting pregnant. I kinda feel sorts of mixed feeling at that time. Alhamdulillah, I have such a wonderful husband who understands everything and believe that this is a test from Allah and all rezeki is from Him as well. Be it PCOS or anything, if it was not meant to be then it will not be. 

Till then, Thank you for reading! Will continue more during next post. Any words of encouragement/Advice/Tips is highly appreciated.

Oh, by the way, the cost for my full check up at the Clinic was RM900.00++ and…. that was the last time I went there. HAHAHA  Will look for another affordable clinic next year!