namecheap review

Namecheap Review

By Rasyue | On May 7, 2022

Founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap is a budget hosting provider that has slowly grow over the years and now has over 11 million registered user and over 10 million domains!

Namecheap Review: Introduction

rasyue namecheap review

If you are reading this Namecheap Review, you are most probably trying to decide which web hosting provider to choose for your website.

It can be an overwhelming situation, trying to figure out which provider is the best one for you or your company.

Be at ease because I have put together the best article about Namecheap. We will cover everything about Namecheap to help you make that decision.

A Little Bit About Namecheap

Namecheap was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall.

Namecheap first started as a domain registrar in 2000. As the name implies, Namecheap was one of the registrar that offers a really cheap domain pricing. Hence, the name “Namecheap“.

Due to its success, in 2007, Namecheap starts offering hosting services. Some of the services include, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, email hosting, VPN, CDN, WordPress hosting and many more.

How Namecheap Fare With Other Providers

Namecheap has come a long way since it was founded in 2000. As of now, Namecheap has around 11 million registered users and 10 million registered domains. These numbers alone show how good and competitive Namecheap is as a hosting provider and a domain registrar.

Even though Namecheap is not as famous as big names like DreamHost, Hostinger, bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround, Namecheap has managed to stay in business for many years solely due to its great business conducts.

I believed in a few years from now, Namecheap will be able to top the charts of top hosting providers.

Namecheap Review: The Good & The Bad

Here’s the most important part of this review article on Namecheap.

I’ll try to be thorough on this part.

Let’s start with the The Good first.

The Good of Namecheap

1. Free Site Migration and Domain Transfer

Namecheap provides free site migration which means if you have a website running on another hosting provider, you can migrate your site to Namecheap hosting plan with zero cost. Plus, the process is really simple too.

Additionally, Namecheap provides free domain transfer as well. If you have domains that you bought from another registrar, the transfer process is free and simple.

Bonus point, if you opt-in for any Namecheap plans, they will offer you a free domain.

2. 30 day money-back-guarantee

Yes, you read it right. Namecheap offers a money-back-guarantee policy provided it is within the 30 days from the purchase.

So, you can go ahead with buying a plan with Namecheap, try it out and if you are unhappy, you can opt-out for a refund.

Keep in mind this is only for first-time hosting packages only.

3. Quick Load Time

Namecheap average page speed is among of the best with other hosting providers. With an average page speed of 300-400ms.

A good page speed is actually really important because it will determine your site ranking. You do not want a bad page speed as it will affect your site ranking which means people will not be able to find your site through Google Search.

4. Good Uptime (99.95%)

Uptime is the amount of time that the server hosting your website is up and running. An Uptime of 99.95% is a good indication that the server is performing well.

You should always check the Uptime of a hosting provider. Never ever go below 99% as this may indicate you will have to deal with lots of downtime.

Downtime means the amount of time that your website is not accessible. If you are running an online store, this can cause lose of sales.

5. Great Security (SSL, WHOIS, Data Backup, DDoS Protection, Firewall)

Namecheap offers free SSL that can be installed with a click of a button. SSL is really important to make sure your website is secure and encrypted.

On top of that, Namecheap offers free WHOIS Domain Privacy Protection that is important to protect private information, prevents spam, identity theft, and unwanted solicitation.

Furthermore, Namecheap offers DDoS Protection and basic Firewall security through ModSecurity.

Last but not least, daily automatic backup is always a plus point because you never know. With automatic backup, you do not have to worry about data loss.

However, keep in mind, these are somewhat just basic protection. I would strongly suggest that you look into additional solutions for extra security for your website.

6. Great competitive plans

Namecheap offers a really competitive plans. Even the basic plans give you more specifications and capability when compared to other hosting providers.

The Bad of Namecheap

Even with all the best things that Namecheap can offer, there is still some things that are lacking. No providers are perfect.

1. Sort of Clunky Admin Dashboard

When you bought a hosting plan from Namecheap, you will be able to log into the admin dashboard to manage your resources. However, I find that the dashboard is sorta clunky and might not be that user-friendly for first timer.

2. Inconsistent Customer Support

Namecheap offers a knowledgebase platform for user looking for support. Basically, you will be able to find most of the basic stuff and answer to your problem.

However, what if you need additional support and you need to talk to their customer support personnel?

Namecheap has a live-chat available for you to get additional support but the waiting time can be troublesome and sometime you get stuck with the ticketing system.

But, I would not go as far as saying their customer support is bad, all I’m saying is there is room for improvement.

3. Lack of Datacenters

Namecheap only has datacenters in the US, UK and EU(New!).

Logically, you will choose the datacenter that is the nearest to your location or your targeted audience. This is important as it can affect your website’s performance.

Also, if you choose the datacenter in UK, you have to pay an extra $1.00/month. Well, it might not be much but still, an extra dollar per month is minus point.

Namecheap Review: Plans Pricing

Honestly, I think Namecheap offers really good pricing for their plans. Very competitive compared to the others.

Even the basic plans give your more capability when compared to other hosting providers’ basic plans

1. Domain Pricing

First, we are going to compare the domain pricing of Namecheap with other providers.


Namecheap offers a low price of $7.16 per year for a domain and on top of that, a free domain privacy.

Let’s compare this with bluehost first.


The total cost for domain purchase (1 year) along with domain privacy is a whopping $24.87. About 3 times the price of Namecheap.

Next, comparing with DreamHost.

namecheap review : dreamhost

Yes, with the same product, DreamHost only cost $7.99 for a domain and domain privacy.

It’s cheap but not as cheap as Namecheap.

Last, comparing with Hostinger.

namecheap review : hostinger

Hostinger’s cost is $15.17. Note that Hostinger charge $5.00 for domain privacy yearly.

It is safe to say that Namecheap offers the cheapest domain pricing in the comparison above.

2. Shared Hosting

First, let’s take a look at Namecheap’s shared hosting plan.

namecheap shared hosting

Namecheap offers their basic shared hosting plan at $1.88/month. With the basic plan you will get an unmeterdd bandwith, free website builder, free CDN, 20GB SSD, and many more.

Let’s take a look at DreamHost’s shared hosting.

dreamhost shared hosting

The basic shared hosting plan from DreamHost is at $2.95/month. A bit higher compared to Namecheap even though it has similar specs to Namecheap’s plan.

Next is bluehost.

Same like DreamHost, the most basic plan of bluehost’s shared hosting is at $2.95/month.

The specs are really similar to Namecheap and DreamHost.

3. WordPress Hosting

For WordPress Hosting, Namecheap price is at $4.88/month for basic plan. A bit higher than the shared hosting’s price but Namecheap allow users to try it for free for 30 days.

Honestly, the WordPress plan is a bit higher compared to bluehost($2.95/month for basic plan), DreamHost($2.95/month for basic plan) and even Hostinger($1.99/month for basic plan).

4. VPS Hosting

Namecheap VPS Hosting plans start at $9.88/month (Pulsar). It gives you 2 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD and 1000GB Bandwidth.

On top of that, you are given full root access, you are allowed to choose your Server Management and the best part is 30-day money-back-guarantee.

The second Namecheap VPS Hosting Plan (Quasar) is at $17.88/month which offers a better specs than the basic plan. However, unless you are running a megalith application, I really would not suggest this plan to you.

Namecheap Review: Do We Recommend Namecheap?

Yes, we really recommend that you choose Namecheap as your web hosting provider.

If for some reason, you are currently using other provider, I would also recommend that you switch over to Namecheap as well.

Honestly, I think Namecheap is the most suitable hosting provider for beginners and even advanced user.

With very good pricing for its plans, the competitive specifications for each of its plans, easy-installation, great knowledgebase platform, great uptime, really great dashboard (can be a bit clunky), you will be able to navigate yourself rather easily.

You will find yourself loving Namecheap rather quickly.

Namecheap Review Ends…

If you are interested with Namecheap, you can view their plans here.

Namecheap Shared Hosting (affiliate link)

Namecheap VPS Hosting (affiliate link)

If you want to survey other Hosting Providers as well, I welcome you to read my writing on other Hosting Providers.