Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe – Ingredients & Steps

By syusyi | On July 23, 2020

Last weekend was quite productive for me and my husband. He is very persistent about our blog. Spent his weekend, mostly for works and our blog. He has this one attitude which he is that type of person who won’t stay still everyday without grabbing some new knowledge and such. Yes, he is amazing like that which clearly I don’t have that kind of passion. Meh

However, I did find passion in cooking and baking. 70% Cooking and 30% Baking. I love doing both of them, but I don’t prefer the “Cleaning” part. Okay, back to the topic.. so, I have been wanting to make Vietnamese Spring Roll since last Ramadhan. We had Super Saigon before during MCO and I ordered their VSR. It was sooo good yet so mahal. It costs around MYR 15 for 2 pcs.

Hence, I decided to try making it. Little did I know, it was so leceh to make this spring roll, no wonder people sell it at a high price. After all, it’s worth the trouble. This Vietnam spring roll is very delicious, filling and healthy. Gonna make this again soon. *drools*



  • Fish sauce
  • Chilli
  • Lime Juice
  • Coriander root and coriander
  • Garlic
  • Sugar & Salt
  • Palm sugar
  • Vinegar


  1. First, let’s prepare the main ingredient first. Be it chicken, beef, lamb or seafood, you can prepare it in any way you like, deep fry, boil, roast or even baked. Shred ’em to pieces and put it aside.
  2. For the veggies, finely chopped any veggies that you would like to include. I would recommend that you try a combination of carrot, cucumber, lettuce and throw in some chillies for that extra hotness. But feel free to use any veggies combination that you like. Put ’em aside.
  3. For the suhoon, boil it in hot water just for a couple minutes, toss the water and put it aside.
  4. Now, the rolling part, take a piece of the Vietnamese Rice Paper, dip it into water and quickly take it out. Lay it down on your plate and put your protein, veggies and suhoon on to it and roll it. You need to do it quickly though else the rice paper will turn sticky.
  5. For the sauce, finely chop the garlic, chillies, coriander and mix it into a bowl. Take the coriander root, smash it a bit and add it in as well.
  6. Next, add some lime juice, fish sauce, vinegar, and palm sugar. Add in sugar and salt to your taste. And the sauce is done! Ahh I love the sauce. Sauce recipe credit to my best friend : AN <3
  7. Final step, take one of your spring rolls, dip it into the sauce and taste that amazing Vietnamese Spring Roll.

On a side note, make sure you dip the whole piece of Rice Paper into the water to make sure it turns soft or you will have spring rolls with some parts that are tough and difficult to chew .

See you guys in the next post!